Permanent makeup or semi-permanent or cosmetic tattooing, or dermopigmentation or long term make-up... All these terms define the same technique.

Résultat naturel et discret, insoupçonable tout en repectant l'harmonie du visage.

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Certified permanent makeup center/span>

Sylvie welcomes you since 1987 to offer you a personalized and impeccable service, in optimal conditions of safety, hygiene and comfort. Authorized center for semi-permanent makeup (dermo-pigmentation)
Decree No. 2008-149 of 19 February 2008 (maximum safety to the patient).

Semi-permanent make up

You are sporty, active, pretty ...

You want to give contrast to your look, structure your eyebrows density in your mouth or create a small mole ...

You do not get to make-up, semi-permanent makeup (dermopigmentation)...

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Electrical hair removal

The purpose of this hair removal is to destroy the cells responsible for hair growth.

The technique is to drag in the sebaceous follicle to the bulb, a fine needle transmitting the destructive electric current ...

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Pressure therapy

Indispensable in the treatment of cellulite, the latest generation of technology that performs pressure waves stepped to stimulate and revive the venous and lymphatic circulation...

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